Social Services / Resources

Project Description

Hope Creek’s Social Services Department advocates for your loved one’s rights by maintaining dignity, respect, and ongoing psychosocial support from admission to discharge.
Our staff works as part of an interdisciplinary team to develop a care plan specific to your loved one’s needs and capabilities. Our Social Services Department can provide information to help you or your loved one apply for Illinois Medicaid and assist with making referrals for hospice care and behavioral health support. If your loved one is here for a short-term stay, we can coordinate necessary homecare services prior to discharge, such as nursing, therapy, and homemakers to ensure their return home is a success.

Care Plans

You and/or your loved one will receive a comprehensive Care Plan. The Care Plan entails Hope Creek staff meeting with the resident and his/her Power of Attorney and/or family members. We will discuss medical care, diet, therapy, personal goals, advance directive, and any topic you and your loved one wish to discuss. You will receive notice when the Care Plan meeting is scheduled.

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Hope Creek Care Center offers OmniVR technology, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation program which utilizes virtual reality to make therapy more fun and rewarding. OmniVR is designed specifically for the senior population and is tailored to the needs of each participant. The technology is the first of its kind and makes our residents’ lives healthier and more fulfilling.

The OmniVR Difference

OmniVR is appropriate for use with 90% of all skilled residents.

  • Fosters healthy competitiveness and encouragement amongst residents
  • Found to significantly improve endurance among participants
  • Faster results than typical rehab programs
  • Makes rehab fun and entertaining for the senior community
  • The Omni VR is appropriate for most residents, including those with cardiac, neuro and orthopedic related diagnoses
  • OmniVR can be used in all therapy disciplines: PT, OT, ST