Restorative Therapy

Project Description

Restorative therapy is offered for those who are interested in improving or maintaining their functional abilities, those who are beginning to develop increased weakness or those who are developing increased dependence on caregivers. Hope Creek offers variety programs to meet a variety of needs. These customized programs are available to all residents and can be implemented at any time to address common issues such as weakness, limited range of motion, poor endurance, new-onset bowel/bladder incontinence, and communication difficulties. Our newly redesigned Restorative Step Down Program consists of three levels of individualized exercise.

Level III programs are specifically designed to help transition residents as they discharge from formalized skilled therapy to a long-term stay. Hope Creek’s skilled therapists consult with our restorative aides to review the resident’s functional status and recommend appropriate goals to maintain the progress they have worked so hard to develop during their skilled stay.

Level II programs are slightly less intensive. Those appropriate for Level II programs include Level III residents who are meeting their goals and wish to continue participating in Restorative Therapy, . Any resident may be referred to a Level II program after a decline or risk for decline has been identified.

Level I programs are known as “Functional Maintenance Programs.” The goal of these programs is to prevent functional decline and promote safe practices with activities of daily living. Exercises at this level are simple and care-oriented. Staff members work with Level I residents to integrate healthy habits and safety awareness into their daily routines.



Hope Creek Care Center offers OmniVR technology, a state-of-the-art rehabilitation program which utilizes virtual reality to make therapy more fun and rewarding. OmniVR is designed specifically for the senior population and is tailored to the needs of each participant. The technology is the first of its kind and makes our residents’ lives healthier and more fulfilling.

The OmniVR Difference

OmniVR is appropriate for use with 90% of all skilled residents.

  • Fosters healthy competitiveness and encouragement amongst residents
  • Found to significantly improve endurance among participants
  • Faster results than typical rehab programs
  • Makes rehab fun and entertaining for the senior community
  • The Omni VR is appropriate for most residents, including those with cardiac, neuro and orthopedic related diagnoses
  • OmniVR can be used in all therapy disciplines: PT, OT, ST