Dr. Milan Durco


What is your present position at Hope Creek Care Center ?
I am working as a Medical Director at HCCC.
When did you start working at Hope Creek?
I started working at HCCC since 2006.
What is your educational background ?
Medical School – Comenius University, Slovak Republic Internal , Medicine Residency – University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama
What have you Majored in ?
I majored in Internal Medicine
Which Licenses, degrees or certificates did you receive and When?
  • American Board of Internal Medicine 2000
  • American Board of Internal Medicine re-certification, 2010
Any true feelings of why you are a doctor and why you deserve a patient's trust to care for them?
As a doctor who practices both in the office and the hospital, I find the continuity of medical care very important for my patients’ well-being. I take the time to listen to patients’ individual needs and provide them with up-to-date treatment.
What are some of your personal hobbies?
Since I discovered the game of golf, I have been an avid golfer. No hole in one yet. I also enjoy hiking and skiing with my family. Some of my favorite places to visit include the Rocky Mountains, Zion National Park, and the Alps. Although I did not grow up playing football, I have become a devoted Bears fan over the years, to the dismay of some of my good friends who are Packers fans.