Mandy Moore LPN

What is your present position at Hope Creek Care Center ?
I am working as a Rehabilitation/Restorative Director at HCCC.
When did you start working at Hope Creek?
I started working at HCCC in October 2009
What are the other positions you have held at Hope Creek and when?
I started as CNA from 2009-2014, LPN Charge Nurse from 2014-2016 and as a Rehab/Restorative Director from September 2016-Present
What is your educational background ?
Black Hawk College
What have you Majored in ?
I majored in Practical Nursing
Which Licenses, degrees or certificates did you receive and When?

I received –

  • LPN license in 2014
  • Restorative Nurse Certification in September 2016.
How has your experience been working in the healthcare sector ?
Became a CNA during my Junior year of high school through United Township’s Extended Campus Health Occupations Program. Worked for various assisted living and long term care facilities in the area for a couple of years until I found my home at Hope Creek in 2009.
What do you love the most about working at Hope Creek Care Center?
I love working at Hope Creek because we have the most hard-working, dedicated, and resilient team of caregivers in the area. We are constantly learning and growing and we are grateful to have the privilege of caring for some of the greatest people in our community.