Cindy Mathew, RN

What is your present position at Hope Creek Care Center ?
Director of Nursing-July 2017 to present.
When did you start working at Hope Creek?
I started working at HCCC in October 18, 2016.
What are the other positions you have held at Hope Creek and When?
Unit Manager, Building 4-October 2016 to July 2017.
What is your educational background ?
Bachelor of Science.
What have you Majored in ?
I majored in Biology/Environmental Science, Associates Degree in Nursing and Major:Nursing

Which Licenses, degrees or certificates did you receive and When?
I have received a Nursing Specialty Certification CRRN Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse
List your experience working in long term care or healthcare?
My nursing career began: CNA in Memory Care LPN home health private duty nursing RN at a hospital Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit RN Management at a hospital Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit
What do you love the most about working at Hope Creek Care Center?
Hope Creek is a wonderful place to work. I am fortunate to work with so many amazing and supportive team members. Most of all I love interacting with the residents and their families.