Cassie Baker, RN

What is your present position at Hope Creek Care Center ?
I am working as an Executive Director at HCCC.
When did you start working at Hope Creek?
I started working at HCCC in May 2015.
What are the other positions you have held at Hope Creek and when?
I worked as a Restorative/Rehab Director & as an Assistant Director of Nursing
What is your educational background ?
Major: Clarke University – Bachelor degree in Sports Medicine – 2007 Scott Community College – Associate degree in Nursing – 2013
Which Licenses, degrees or certificates did you receive and When?

I received –

  • Pathway Health Course June 19, 2015
  • American Heart Association: CPR/AED Certified October 2016 – October 2018
  • Iowa RN Nursing License Illinois
  • RN Nursing License
How has your experience been working in the healthcare sector ?
I worked at Hope Creek Care Center (ADON & Restorative Director) Genesis Medical Center (Surgical Specialty Unit)
What do you love the most about working at Hope Creek Care Center?
I take pride in being a part of a beautiful facility that is always focused on providing the highest quality of care to all of our residents. We have an amazing team of dedicated employees that will do anything they can to see the joy on our resident’s faces. Hope Creek has truly shown me that there is much more to this facility than what meets the eye, to me, it is a large family that has compassion for one another unlike any other company or facility I have been a part of.