What types of insurance are accepted?
  • Medicare supplemental insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is a national health insurance program for people 65 years of age or older, certain younger disabled people, and people with kidney failure. It is divided into two parts: Hospital Insurance (known as Medicare Part A) and Medical Insurance (known as Medicare Part B).

To find out if you are eligible for Medicare benefits, call the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213.

If you would like more general information about Medicare benefits and programs, you can call the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). In Illinois, call (217) 785-9021 or (217) 524-4872 TTD. In Iowa, call (800) 351-4664. Or log on to http://www.medicare.gov

Medicaid is a national health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources.

Is there a full time case manager?

Yes.Hope Creek’s staff is happy to help you transition as your loved one comes under our care. You may also wish to participate in the facility’s Family Council group.

Will my loved one have a roommate?

In most cases, yes. The majority of rooms at Hope Creek are double occupancy, but very spacious. Ask about availability of private rooms.

How is nutrition monitored?

Hope Creek utilizes the services of registered dieticians who monitor residents diets and nutrition very closely. Their observations are shared with your loved one’s physician to make sure their health and well-being are being maintained nutritionally.

What if my loved one is a picky eater?

Hope Creek always has a list of alternatives hand if the main entrèe isn’t a favorite of a resident. Our buffet-style dining for breakfast and noon meals offers a wide variety of choices.

Does your nursing staff get assigned to the same group of residents?

Yes, Staff is typically paired up with specific patients in an effort to provide continuity of care.

How often will rehab staff work with my loved one?

A Patient’s rehab schedule will be determined by their physician and the therapist and is based on each patient’s needs. The Rehab Director will provide a specific therapy schedule to each patient .

Do you have a lot of nursing staff turnover?

Many of the staff at Hope Creek worked for years at Oak Glen. We promote making a career at Hope Creek and offer a slightly above average pay to retain quality staff and reduce turnover.

Will someone from Hope Creek drive my loved one to appointments?

Yes; transportation services can be arranged.

Will someone from Hope Creek stay with my loved one during a doctor's appointment?

Yes. If a family member is unable to attend an appointment , a staff member from Hope Creek will accompany the resident.

How will you preserve the regular routine of my loved one?

We do our best to pair residents who have similar bedtime and wake up times. A reasonable request to vary from Hope Creek established schedule will be honored. Resident compatibility is an important criterion when placing roommates together.

Is smoking allowed?

No. State law prohibits smoking in public buildings.

What are visiting hours?

Posted visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., However, Hope Creek encourages family members to extend these hours when the need arises.

Can I take my loved one on an outing or an overnight home visit?

Yes. Please ask about restrictions for Medicare patients.

Can I call my loved one?

Yes, as often as you like. All calls are answered at the switchboard and transferred to residents’ rooms. Outgoing local calls are also allowed. Direct dial to each resident’s room is available with the purchase of phone service.

Can I send mail to my love one?

Absolutely! Address all mail to:

Hope Creek Care Center Attn: Resident’s name and room number 4343 Kennedy Drive East Moline, IL 61244

Can a family pet visit?

We would love your family pet to visit. Please clean up after your pet and keep it leashed at all times. Proof of proper vaccinations should be presented at the first visit, then annually thereafter.

Can I bring homemade treats to my loved one?

Please consult with the nursing staff prior to bringing food.

Do I have to buy medications from your pharmacy?

No, you may supply medications or use a mail order service.

How is laundry handled?

If you wish to do laundry for your loved one, please bring a hamper and do the laundry once a week.Hope Creek also provides in-house laundry services. Please inquire about laundry fees.

What clothing is needed for residents?

We recommend about seven changes of clothes and a pair of comfortable rubber-soled shoes. All items should be washed, clearly labeled with the resident’s name in permanent ink on the inside of the clothing and entered into the resident’s personal inventory log in the medical chart. Other personal items should be identified in a similar way. We advise not bringing valuable jewelry or large amounts of cash. Money can be deposited in a resident trust fund that allows access to funds when needed.

Is there a TV in each resident's room?

There are televisions in Locations throughout Hope Creek, including 42” flat screens in the living rooms. Residents may also bring their own television (up to 32”) and purchase cable for their room.

What is the bathing/shower schedule?

Bed Baths are given and showers are given one time per week unless otherwise requested. Provisions will be made if your loved one prefers a different schedule, just let the admitting nurse know.

Do you have bariatric rooms?

Yes. Two specialized rooms for bariatric patients are available.