April 27, 2017

1839 to 1860

Rock Island County’s interest in caring for aged and handicapped persons dates back to December 3rd, 1839 . On June 11, 1853, 37 acres of farmland in South Rock Island Township were purchased as a
April 26, 2017

1861 to 1869

In (year), a 40 x 60 foot, three-story building was erected at a cost of $3,000. In 1861, 18 residents were transferred to the new facility and in 1869, a two-story home for the mentally
April 25, 2017

1890 to 1904

"In 1890, it became necessary to enlarge the building that housed the mentally ill, so with the opening of the East Moline State Hospital in 1898, the State assumed this responsibility. A brick infi
April 24, 2017

1945 to 1946

In 1945, the Illinois Legislature enacted the Rennick-Laughlin bills whereby County governments could have eligible county homes approved as nursing homes. In July 1946, the Rock Island County Home
April 23, 2017

1950 to 1970

Over the years, several additional structures were built and operated by the County to serve as home to the residents who needed them. In 1950, the county constructed a new building and renamed the
April 22, 2017

1970 to 2017

As the Oak Glen Home building became antiquated and new services and growth were in demand, the Rock Island County Board decided it was time to provide the citizens of Rock Island County with a new